Products & Services
The Array of Potential Revenue Sources

Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscriptions

This will be the heart of our product line, both for the business-to-business market and for the online consumer market.

Based on the SaaS model, the company will produce an ongoing series of database driven dynamically created reports, presentations, letters and proposals to which other businesses can subscribe. Their subscription price will be based on the number of employees who will use the system, and, the grouping of documents they choose. The company has opted for an SaaS approach because:

    it can be sold as a subscription which means repeat revenue
  • the system requires only one robust server, but, can be accessed from many websites
  • users have online access so they can access it from anywhere and the company has no physical inventory or shipping
  • > upgrades are automatic so clients benefit immediately and the company has no administrative or sales expense for them
  • all sales and commissions are handled automatically through the shopping cart which markedly reduces bookkeeping requirements
  • combined online access and bundling of products means the same document can be developed once but sold in many different ways

Customized Inhouse Writing Programs for Corporations

For reasons of privacy, security, cost and control, many corporations will, rather than use our generic documents, prefer to have us upgrade the ones they now use and automate them. This can be both an immediate and long-term source of substantial revenue. It is, however, more human resources dependant, so will require some careful contracting options.


 The company has opted for this bundling approach both because informal market research has identified this as a sale technique which is highly acceptable, and, because, it allows us to get into the market without having to have a complete portfolio of documents right at the beginning. Long term, its greatest benefit is that the same document can be sold in several different bundles. For example, a report on an out of town meeting might be sold in the trip report bundle, the sales bundle, the policy bundle and the management bundle.
It could also be sold in industry specific bundles such as the Mining Industry package.

Private Labelling for Compatible Corporations

Our service would fit well with a wide range of other corporate service lines.

The most obvious is Citrix Corporation who runs the very popular "GoToMeetings" service for collaboration by subscription. It also offers other services such as "GoToTraining", so, could well be open to considering a variation of our service called, for example, "GoToReports".

Similarly, Adobe has a software program which provides outlines for very long reports. They might see our short report full reports as a good sister product to their own.

There is also a strong potential to private label only one or two bundles or reports, presentations and correspondence to eg. the Mining Industry.

Area Franchising for Outside North America

The need for good writing does not end at our shorelines.

Either in its English version or in other languages, there is a strong need especially for reporting. With businesses now operating in a multitude of countries, they require some consistency of input and feedback from all their offices. This provides us with a significant opportunity.

Our option, then, is either to become a multinational corporation ourselves, or, to license our products for use in other jurisdictions. At this time, the latter option seems the most realistic.