Communikinetics Competition

A´╗┐lthough named report generators, directly competing products are actually table generators. . . in essence, they compile data from data tables to create new tables."In general, problems arise from the use of financial metrics for nonfinancial activities."...Dr. Andrew Likierman, Dean of London Business School While this is a valuable process, it provides only information, not meaning, as is required in good reporting. Their competitive edge is that they are often a part of the overall corporate data management program and, so, immediately available to employees.

The other class of potential competitors is the document generator. It ranges from simple templates (eg. letter templates showing where to put the date and enclosures), through merge documents available in wordprocessing software, to specific use applications (eg. acqPro), to standardized templates for corporate consistency (BSCW, Germany), to a total customizing service (Etact). Communikinetics products lie between the latter two, and, are best described as dynamic, user-driven templates which add considerable value to the data input by the user.

The only directly comparable product is shareware through Sparx Systems, Australia; but, it forces the user to answer a multitude of questions before starting, rather than in context. Like most shareware, the value of this product is limited by its user-unfriendliness and lack of security protection.

Overall, however, our deepest 'competition' may well be the general resistance to doing things differently.